Digital Radiography

The first refence of Medipixel Ltd. was a fully automated Samsung XGEO GC80 with two detectors (with preprogrammed diagnostic exams), which has been delivered and installed in March of 2014 at the University of Pécs in the Radiology Department of the so called “400 bed clinic”. Since then we have installed 4 more GC80 units there and 5 Mobile DRs during 2015. A very important reference site has been established in Győr, as well, with two fully automated U-arms and 2 Mobile DRs. The recent most important reference site is definetely in Bratislava, Slovakia at the OUSA with a fully automated GC80.




Many innovative systems of Samsung Healthcare offer some kind of solution for any institution. On top of the X-ray portfolio, there are the clinical and medical monitors (displays) of Samsung Electronics and a PACS solution from Aspyra, which enables us to build a very modern integrated imaging system at your department. The Samsung Galaxy Pads are providing mobile applications for the imaging department, thus expanding the medical information range. The Samsung printers are opening wide opportunities for all departments and IT staff. The Samsung climatisation brings economic advantages, espcially for huge institutions.