Digital pathology

We are representing 3DHistech global producer on the field of digital pathology in Slovakia and South Slavic states. The company and its products, the digital scanners and telepathology solutions are one of the best in the world, while they are extremely cost effective. The speed of scanners are close to 1cm2/min , which is enabling their usage for routine pathology, as well.

The Panoramic Desk, Midi, Scan 250 Flash scanners are representing world-class quality.


The CaseCenter telepathology consultation IT system is a top solutions for both the education and remote pathology, as well. Moreover, the 3Dhistech’s automation and quantification applications are at the frontiers of leading innovations in Today’s Pathology. There will be many new breakthrough developments coming from 3DHistech, like the Steiner-Coverslipper automat.